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Wi-Fi battery differential scopes for automotove


These “WiFiScopes mark a new development of TiePie engineering, the first and industry’s only Wi-Fi-connected automotive
test scopes with differential inputs”, according to the company, which last week introduced four general-purpose differential input Wi-Fi scopes. “The differential automotive scopes are every day oscilloscopes for automotive engineers and can be
used via a LAN, Wi-Fi or WAN Ethernet connection, but also still with a USB 2.0 / 3.0 connection.”

Having a built-in battery allows fully wireless differential measurements to be made with complete galvanic isolation, and wired Ethernet allows operation over long distances. “With a WiFi connection, wireless measurements can be performed on a car, where the computer does not need to be right next to the car,” said TiePie, adding that specific knowledge on networks is not required and the associated ‘Multi Channel’ PC software presents available USB instruments and network instruments to be selected.

Continuous real time data acquisition is possible over WiFi, LAN, WAN or USB, with speed varying depending on interface – the highest available is 200Msample/s.

Differential measurements are through a single BNC connector, only one of the scopes (see table below) has a single-ended option.

As well as scope-mode, the associated software can operate the instruments as: spectrum analyser, data logger, voltmeter or protocol analyser – results can be displayed in graphs, tables and in meter-style displays.

THe software includes automotive features such as: the crankshaft signal can be turned into an engine speed (rpm) graph, or displayed as crank shaft angle against time. Duty cycle signals and pulse width modulated signals, for example used to drive valves, can be converted into graphs.

Quick set-up allows measurements to be selected with a few mouse clocks. Over 700 are available, including for common automotive sensors and actuators, each contains required instrument
settings, example signals and background information on how to connect the instrument.

TS610004DW-XMSG TS605004DW-XMSA TS5004DW
Max sample/s 1G 500M 50M
Resolution 8/12/14/16bit 8/12/14/16bit 12/14/16bit
buffer 256 Mpoint 256 Mpoint 128kpoint
bandwidth 250MHz 250MHz 50MHz
inputs differential/
differential differential
SureConnect each channel each channel each channel
other SafeGround
on each channel
reduced power
reduced noise
base price E 2128.00 E 1794.00 E 1888.00

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