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White RJ-45 and USB connectors for medical equipment fit in XLR holes


The white ones are USB2.0 A-A and CAT5e RJ45 data connectors, aimed at medical diagnostic and treatment equipment, as well as home monitoring, dental, cosmetic, IT and power-over-Ethernet products.

“The majority of these devices are packaged to fit into workplace or home environments where traditional industrial style connectors would look out of place and reduce the perceived quality and appropriateness of the product,” said Cliff MD John Hall.

FeedThrough connectors have connectors on both sides, enabling internal product assembly to be done using standard cables.

The cut-out is a 24mm diameter circular hole surrounded by four mounting holes. These white connectors come with plain or countersunk mounting holes for assembly on the front or rear of control panels.

Corresponding push-in white dust covers are available.

The FeedTHrough range is extensive, and aimed at carrying audio, video, digital, optical, networking and data through the same hole pattern.

Cliff manufactures in the UK and China.