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UK: Do you have spare eye protection, plastic aprons or disposable gloves?

Many of our readers operate, own or work in manufacturing sites that might have spare stocks.

If you think you can help, consider contacting your local social care services department or local GP practices.

Please don’t turn up on any doorstep unannounced.

Fear not, Electronics Weekly is not jumping on the covid-19 bandwagon. This plea is based on the quiet requests of one particular council over this weekend – I have just been told that Greenwich council has said something similar on national radio this morning.

And face shields

Some GPs are in need of face protection. Those with 3D printers (and PETg or ABS filament), or transparent plastic laminate and the ability to cut it, might be able to meet this need by fabricating the face shield that the Prusa 3d printer company has optimised and had medically approved (pictured).