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Covid-19 3d printable mask approved – only for MJF printers, files available


Designed at the Czech Technical University in Prague, by its Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC CTU), the part is called ‘CIIRC RP95-3D’ and has to be printed on a ‘multijet fusion’ (MJF) printer.

Manufacturing files for operators of MultiJet Fusion 3d printers have been made available here

According to CTU:

It was tested directly by the Na Homolce hospital staff. Production of the mask on special 3D printers can begin. The aim is to deliver as many pieces as possible, mainly to hospitals. Given the fact that the MJF technology is available only at a limited number of facilities in the Czech Republic, the researchers are now focusing on developing a version of the respirator suitable for mass production via injection moulding. This will increase the production capacity and greatly expand the range of companies that will be able to engage in the production.

“Our next job in the coming days is to complete the prototype for the mass production,” said CIIRC CTU project offices head Vít Dočkal. “We believe that with this new version we can achieve production of almost 10,000 pieces a day.”

Amongst contributions to the design, the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen optimied the silicone exhalation valve and Škoda Auto print the first trial run on its production line.

Even without injection moulding, production in the country is expected to reach 500 pieces a day from the beginning of April, according to the Czech Ministry of Health.

Further information is available here

Thanks to Tomas Zednicek, president of the European Passive Components Institute for bringing this to the attention of Electronics Weekly to get the word out about the design files.